Team Building

Organization of Team Building and Corporate Regattas, boost your Team spirit!

We organize Team Building activities for companies, organizations or communities. And those who want to experience more can participate in Corporate Regattas.

We can organize stays dedicated to the development and improvement of teamwork skills, on board of a sailboat is definitely one of the best ways to continuously test your limits in a shared space.

On board you will learn how to improve individual abilities to work in small groups for the purpose of achieving your common objectives and how to excel in a natural environment with the changing wind and sea conditions where nothing can be 100% expected.

The satisfaction gained through the practice of crewed sailing and each successfully handled situation by the team creates a feeling of instant and growing motivation, uniting the teammates to give their best!

Do not hesitate to ask us for a personalized offer according to the needs and goals of your organization. We will gladly share our advice to help you organize such a stay in accordance with your expectations, and offer a holiday package tailored just for you.


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