Here are a few interesting additional Apps to have when sailing in Croatia…


 My Sea App your sailing guide to Croatia and much more...

 mySea is a an interactive cruising guide for Greece, Croatia and Turkey (Mediterranean coast) as well as an online reservation system for berths. Boaters can find information on almost all     marinas, harbours, anchorages, jetties and buoy fields. Many of these berths can be booked online through the app just with a few clicks. Once the berth is booked (and paid), you have  more  time to enjoy the sea. While the others are looking already at early afternoon for a mooring, you can enjoy a completely relaxed sailing day, because the berth in a marina, buoy or a restaurant jetty is guaranteed.

mySea app is available for free on Android and iOS In-app purchase do apply

Nautical Info Service Croatia

Nautical Information Service (nIS) is a free multilingual application for smartphones, intended for owners of yachts and boats, fishermen, divers, swimmers and other people who spend time on the coast and at sea

by Ministarstvo pomorstva, prometa i infrastrukture

nIS app is available for free on Android and iOS In-app purchase do apply. 

Professional Weather App is a professional weather app, created for water and wind sports: sailing, surfing, fishing, and etc. Get detailed weather forecast, live world wind map, and local weather reports.

Windy is available on Android and iOS In-app purchase do apply.

Boating HD Marine & Lakes

The Boating HD Marine & Lakes app from Navionics is an excellent resource to help plan your open water trip and to avoid hidden dangers along the way. The app features extensive nautical charts, real-time weather data, tide and current maps, depth awareness and can even suggest safe routes from your starting point all the way to your destination.

Navionics is available for free on Android and iOS. In-app purchases do apply.

Anchor Watch / Alarm

One of the most dangerous factors a skipper faces while at anchor is anchor drag. Weather, swell, equipment malfunction and other factors can unsettle your anchor leaving you vulnerable to drifting into dangerous situations. This app creates a "circle of protection" around your boat. Users typically set a proximity around their anchored position. If your boat drifts onto the edge of this circle, an alarm will sound alerting the skipper that the boat is in fact drifting. Keep your anchored boat and passengers safe with this great app.

The Anchor Watch App is available for free on Android and iOS.

Animated Knots

Knot tying is an essential skill every boater must have. Tying a knot incorrectly or not using the best knot for the job can lead to damage to your boat and potentially to those on board. Animated Knots is the easiest way to learn which knot to use and how to tie them. Knots are broken down by category and include step by step photo animations to help you along the way. There are cheaper knot tying apps out there, but none as comprehensive and easy to pick up as this one.

Animated Knots is available for $4.99 on Android and iOS.

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